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You also need to expect limitations at the other end of the phone call. The microphone in the Android smartphone transfers voices quite muffled and also slightly distorted.

While the speakerphone function delivers a slightly better sound quality, the low overall volume is also a hindrance here. However, in a quiet office you can still use it to have both hands available, for example. The included stereo headset presents a good alternative here, contributing positively to the communication during the phone call with its higher volume and better sound quality. The Alcatel 5 offers users a simple camera with a MP sensor in the back and a dual camera setup in front.

The 13 and 5 MP photo sensors create selfies with a resolution of x pixels. Using two sliders, the image can be softened before it is recorded and the color temperature can be adjusted. In addition, the photo app recognizes whether there are only one or more subjects in the image and changes automatically into a wide-angle mode to be able to record everyone.

Case - The Alcatel smartphone is made of metal

Alcatel is a French mobile handset company owned by Nokia. mSpy the best monitoring App for Android Smartphones and Tablets only offer a few restrictions used for the internet so as to track a website or any installed applications. Find My Device helps you locate your lost Android and lock it until you get it back.​ See your phone, tablet or watch on a map.​ If current location isn’t available, you’ll see the last known location.

Panorama pictures taken with the MP main camera of the Alcatel 5 turn out slightly too dark, while the light and dark areas are well delineated. Details are also maintained and the colors are well defined. Close-ups also turn out too dark, and our test picture shows a slight blurriness at the edges of objects when the light conditions are not quite ideal.

Under bad light conditions, the image contents become very pixelated but are still recognizable and surpass the low-light quality of our comparison camera.

Aside from the options to select among various modes and adjust the resolution, the Alcatel 5 does not offer any options to influence the quality of the camera recordings. Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window.

The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. We test the quality of the color reproduction of the Alcatel 5 camera using the ColorChecker Passport. This confirms the impression of our test pictures that all the color tones, including the gray and black tones, are reproduced too dark. While our test chart is also reproduced too dark under controlled light conditions, details and fine structures are kept, and we only notice minimal blurriness at the bottom edges. The latter is suited well for making phone calls and can also be used for listening to music, even though the bass is lacking.

For additional accessories, users need to look for offerings from third-party manufacturers. Alcatel offers a warranty of 24 months to users of the Android smartphone. For text input, Google's GBoard is available to users of the Alcatel 5. With this, even longer input succeeds quickly and easily.

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If you need more storage, you have the option to install a 32GB microSD memory card. Mobility Samsung rolling out Galaxy S20 update with enhancements, including camera improvements. Self Service at Tesco Mobile To avoid waiting on the phone, it might be quicker to self-serve. Thanks for reading! Montblanc announces new luxury Summit 2 Plus smartwatch and wireless headphones. Obviously, this information is not available to the public, but, can be used by law enforcement to give a fairly accurate estimate of a phone's last physical location.

Every input is acknowledged with a slight vibration. While there is sufficient space on the display for the keyboard and the display content in portrait format, the keyboard almost takes the whole display area in landscape format. The touchscreen responds very directly to every touch and hardly offers any resistance to the fingertips, enabling drag-and-drop movements without any problems.

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The user can set up several options to unlock the Alcatel smartphone. In addition to a PIN and a pattern, you can also register your fingerprint or face. The fingerprint sensor needs a very brief moment to recognize the print and unlock the device. The face recognition software unlocks the device almost without any delay and is faster than you can draw a pattern on the screen or enter a PIN. Alcatel uses a 5. Smartphones such as the Moto G6 Plus have clearly more to offer in this regard.

If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. Whatever remains to be desired about the resolution of the display is made up for by its very good contrast ratio of and a black value of 0. Colors are strong and clearly defined, and black tones also appear very saturated. In this area, the comparison devices are worse in our test than the Alcatel smartphone. However, the CalMAN analysis attests the display with a clear blue tint, with red colors being strongly underrepresented.

The Alcatel 5 can be used easily outdoors. Reflections of the environment remain within limits and the brightness is just sufficient to make the display content visible even in strong sunlight. The viewing angles of the IPS panel of the Alcatel 5 are extremely stable. The display content can be read from any position imaginable, without distortions or color shifts.

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This sort of equipment could already be found in mid-range smartphones for the last two years and can ensure a smooth system operation. In our benchmark tests, the Alcatel smartphone only manages to reach one of the last places in our comparison list, with the PCMark benchmark being aborted several times with an error message. While the results reflect the performance of the Mediatek SoC very well, we should be able to expect a bit more performance from devices in this price range. The results in the browser benchmark are mixed and range from the last place in our comparison list to the first place in Mozilla Kraken 1.

In everyday operation, the browser performance is good, and websites are rendered quickly and smoothly. Only sites with media content need slightly longer to be loaded. In our test, the internal storage of the Alcatel 5 only achieves mediocre read and write rates that are still above the average of comparable devices with 32 GB of eMMC flash storage. The microSD card reader also achieves only below-average values with our Kingston storage card.

Due to a read error, we were unable to use our usual Toshiba Exceria Pro M reference storage card. When using a microSD card to expand the storage, it can be reformatted as internal storage in order to increase the overall storage space for apps and your own data.

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The Temple Run 2 and Dead Trigger 2 games we tested ran smoothly and could be controlled reliably via the touchscreen. Only the position sensor responded with a slight delay, which needs to be taken into account when controlling the corresponding games. In daily operation, the surface of the Alcatel 5 can heat up a lot. In this state, the device feels very hot, and it cannot be ruled out that there might be some damage due to the temperatures becoming too high after prolonged usage. The speakers of the Alcatel 5 do not achieve a high volume and are mainly able to reproduce sounds in the mid-range well.